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Responsive Mobile-First Website Example

Your website is a critical marketing tool for generating leads and communication with prospective customers. Our responsive mobile-first websites will dynamically resize to adapt to any screen size from small smartphones to large desktop displays providing a superior user experience across all devices. Customize this website (using our convenient editors) with your own wallpaper, pictures of your dealership, custom pages and content so that it is a perfect match for your business.

Even though it seems that everybody uses only smartphones to browse the Internet nowadays there are still millions of office and household desktop/laptop users out there. Our responsive mobile-first websites work great across all devices including desktops and laptops but what sets us apart from the competition is that we optionally (and at no additional cost) offer a second website designed specifically for superior desktop/laptop user experience. These websites will catch an eye and will stand out from the crowd when someone browses your online dealership from desktop or laptop. Our platform automatically detects if the request came from a mobile device or desktop/laptop and presents the right website to people who browse your online dealership.

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